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FileControl signs 3-year contract with Methodist Hospital

FileControl improves award-winning Methodist HR department record retrieval by 32%

HOUSTON, TEXAS: FileControl Partners Ltd, a leader in the field of web-based information and knowledge management technology, announced a three year contract with Methodist Hospital, a leading US hospital. The Houston-based hospital system, which employs nearly 9,000 people, will use FileControl's solutions in a number of departments, including human resources, legal, managed care, risk reduction, and its research departments. Thanks to the FileControl solution, Methodist Hospital's HR department saw a 32% improvement in record retrieval, and was recognized as the most efficient.

"Fortune magazine considers Methodist Hospitals one of the best places in the country to work," said Ahmad Mian, President and CEO of FileControl Partners. "We at FileControl are proud to work in partnership with one of the most dynamic healthcare nonprofits in the country."

Fortune magazine named Methodist Hospital one of its 100 best places to work, and its human resources department – which uses FileControl's groundbreaking knowledge management system – the most process efficient. FileControl was first called in after some of the hospital's key documents were damaged in a flood. Thanks to FileControl, the hospital's documents were digitized and stored in a secure environment.

FileControl enables clients, to organize and work with millions of pages of critical documents quickly, in a secure Internet environment. The powerful eReview function helps speed up the conversion of documents into searchable formats by allowing users to view and tag documents in native file formats. FileControl stores data on highly secured servers that are Department of Justice compliant.

About FileControl Partners

FileControl Partners provides hosted web-based knowledge and litigation management services to organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. For more information, call +1 (713) 355-1111, or visit

About Methodist Hospital

The Methodist Hospital corporation is a nonprofit healthcare organization in Houston, Texas. It was recently listed as one of Fortune magazine's 100 best places to work. For more information, visit

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