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FileControl Migrates to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

FileControl recently migrated its database technology from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. This migration was performed in light of Microsoft’s recommendations after their extensive review of the product architecture at Redmond, Washington. The FileControl development team visited the Microsoft lab’s in June 2006; where a stringent and thorough examination of its system was executed, including scalability testing. Various performance enhancements were noted and improvements pointed out. A comprehensive study was also carried out to discover the benefits of shifting to the latest Microsoft’s technologies.

This migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 was performed in light of discoveries revealed by the study. The upgrade promises to significantly improve the performance of the entire family of FileControl products.

"Microsoft is the undisputed leader in the IT industry and we are very confident using their technologies as building blocks in our solutions", said Ahmad Mian, President and CEO of FileControl Partners.

Microsoft periodically brings companies with innovative technologies and products to their Advanced SQL Server lab to evaluate the database design and make recommendations. During the live study, it was discovered that the changes to the database along with the shift to SQL Server 2005 improved the Full text search feature exponentially (35 times faster). It also improved the data insert operation, enhancing its performance by as much as 300%. All in all, the shift will mean better enterprise reliability and easier maintenance for the FileControl solutions.

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