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eReview is the first web based system which provides Native File Review capabilities to address the need to sort through vast amounts of data before incorporation. This is required so that organizations can selectively store only the information which they require. This is especially useful in the Litigation industry where the management of document-intensive cases is a huge issue. eReview is designed as an add-on to FileControl’s Knowledge and Litigation Management System, building upon the foundations of an already established system. It provides a unique approach to automated litigation support in document-intensive cases by providing structured case organization and management solutions.

eReview offers useful time and cost saving tools for organizing, reviewing, filtering and extracting necessary information from a huge amount of case evidence. Unlike conventional document management solutions, files are no longer required to be converted to TIFF, PDF and other formats, before they can be reviewed. Attorneys can review files in their native formats and then convert them into images for permanent storage.

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This results in significant savings in terms of time saved in conversion and subsequent review of unnecessary files. The system supports approximately 390 file formats including commonly used formats (i.e. .doc, .xls, .eml, .jpg, .bmp, etc.) without acquiring assistance of any additional software. Once data has been reviewed, only the filtered our useful and unique records are converted into TIFF or PDF images with the help of the FileControl converter. These documents are then stored in the system's folder hierarchy for permanent storage.

FileControl’s eReview stores, categorizes, maintains and retrieves searchable databases that locate essential documents easily. It provides a convenient way to categorize and store native files within the application. Advanced search options in the review process allow end-users to retrieve and edit files in a matter of seconds.

Files can be searched based on their content as well as their system and custom attributes, therefore filtering a large volume of data that requires review by attorneys.

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