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E-discovery Solutions designed to give you a Competitive Edge

Increase productivity, save time, begin to review sooner, and lower your litigation costs! FileControl’s new early case assessment product and enhanced search and review capabilities give you a competitive edge while working in confidence internally or cooperating with outside counsel.

Information Management

The data organizing, enterprise search, and security features of FileControl provide an e-discovery platform that provides your in-house legal department and IT organization with preparedness your firm needs to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively respond to litigation holds.

Identification, Preservation, and Collection


Whether responding to litigation, an internal investigation, or regulatory inquiry, FileControl assigns a Project Manager (PM) that can work with your Case Manager and your IT team to map out your enterprise storage and data infrastructure and identify relevant sources of electronically stored information (ESI). Out Project management experience can provide the guidance you need to accurately identify relevant ESI without over preserving ESI leading to substantially reduced review costs. FileControl’s platform can be directed towards samples sources of ESI to gain insight into case facts early on to assess merits of a case or litigation risks. In compliance with Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), FileControl can be used to identify search parameters used for targeting data collections from preserved data sets.

Processing, Review, Analysis

The FileControl platform provides the analytical and data culling capabilities required to reduce the size and increase the relevancy of document sets prior to attorney review. FileControl’s flat rate pricing model delivers cost controls and help control the tremendous cost driven by volume and composition of data. FileControl’s new workflow automation and review management features quickly present documents to key review team members, organized by concepts, custodians, search terms, issues or some combination of these. Document review workflow provides for multiple pass document reviews and workflow management comprised of multiple review teams. Workflow can be driven by relevancy coding and/or document priorities. Quality assurance of the review process is provided by random sampling of reviewed documents and document control is enhanced by “checkin/out” of documents assigned to reviewers. Review Management and review workflow is facilitated by on demand reporting.

FileControl’s project manager assures that electronic data is produced as negotiated by the parties in compliance with Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

Production and Presentation

Once reviewed, documents can be formatted and organized so as to comply with a range of document production requests, government inquiries, or for purposes of presentation at trial.

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