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Virtual Deal Room

In recent years, virtual rooms have become a more common tool in mergers, acquisitions, and private equity transactions, to store information- sources of data can include News, Security Filings, and Trade Publications, Wires and “Proprietary Surveys of investment banks and other advisors.” In the process of Mergers & Acquisitions, the Deal Room is set up as the central repository for data relating to companies or divisions being sold. The Deal Room enables the interested parties to view information 24/7 relating to the business in a controlled environment that allows a Deal Owner to track the buyers interest. Confidentiality is paramount and strict controls for viewing, copying and printing are imposed. With a Virtual Data Room (VDR), documents reach the regulators and investors in a more efficient and timely manner. Due to improvements in efficiency and speed, a Virtual Data Room typically pays for itself in a single M&A transaction.

Product Features

  • Drag-&-Drop streamlines the process of uploading!
  • Ability to add users via mobile devices
  • "Lock" documents. Disable printing, Print Screen, & Downloading
  • Viewing for multiple users with different access privileges
  • Ensures secure online document storage (SSL)
  • Redaction to block out parts of the document.
  • Site managers are able use the tracking and logging features to generate
    real-time reports directly from the VDR detailing which users have reviewed which documents.
  • Cost effective option for smaller projects

Product Benefits

  • Maximized asset valuation, by tracking your prospects in REAL TIME
  • The ability to quickly invite multiple buyers.
  • IT / hardware investment is not required
  • Time involved to set up a VDR is minimal
  • Available 24/7
  • Ability to handle over 300 document types; including Excel
  • Word, searchable PDF with 100% accuracy, JPEGs, etc.

There are many virtual document storage developers. However, few have the experience and depth experienced by FileControl. We offer fully-scalable solutions that can be implemented almost immediately and are available at a fraction of the cost of other deal room providers. As an industry leader in document storage, FileControl has already established a wide customer base and a loyal following. FileControl holds the advantage in quality and functionality; we provide a high end product to meet the industry needs. The pricing structure for FileControl’s Virtual Deal Room is as follows:

Pages > 40,000 are priced at the per page price of 50 cents per page. Note page count will be calculated as 1MB=10 pages and charged accordingly

Pricing Structure
Term Size Pages Price per page Total Cost Range
6 Months Small 5,000 $0.75 3,750 >5000<15,000=0.75/page
6 Months Medium 15,000 0.60 cents 9,000 >15000<40,000=0.60/page
6 Months Large 40,000 0.50 cents 20,000 >40000<100,000=0.50/page

Document Capture/Output
Document Capture
Scanning of paper documents
*At one of the VDR Production Offices
*At one of the VDR Production Offices
Preparation of documents prior to scanning,
On-site equipment provision
Expenses: travel to scanning location
Document Output
Print, bind, copy & ship
CD, DVD archive of contents and audit reports
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