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Knowledge Management Strategy Consulting

Sometimes you just require an extra set of hands to walk you through the uncharted territories. FileControl offers that support by providing knowledge management consultancy services to its diverse clientele using document management technology.

We have a history of building and maintaining long lasting associations with our clients. To strengthen this bond, FileControl offers on-site and off-site consultation services, to help clients achieve maximum business productivity.

Our consultation team of highly experienced professionals provides you with an in-depth learning experience that enables you to gain efficiency in your everyday business operations.

FileControl’s knowledge management strategy consultancy services enable you to:

  • Streamline implementation of the solution throughout your company
  • Utilize product features efficiently and achieve business objectives more quickly
  • Eliminate maintenance issues and speed up administrative processes
  • Cut down costs and reduce turn around time
  • Minimize the learning curve for system administrators and users

We not only offer strategies, skills and tips to choose and implement an appropriate solution, but also coach your staff so they can do it themselves. We want you to use our solutions effectively, which means being able to do it as well as we can.

On-Site Training

FileControl offers extensive, personalized on-site training to its users; helping them to better understand, implement and efficiently manage our solutions. Our experienced team of training and support consultants provides on-site, hands-on practical knowledge, for quick and smooth implementation of our solutions within your organization.

Our point of view is that by training hard we’ll be hard to beat. Our specialized training sessions are designed to aid and assist, both the system administrators and end-users. The purpose of our product training is to provide tips, tools and strategies to users, so that they can work with our solutions, more effectively and efficiently.

Users are introduced to the product features and functionalities, through online demos, presentations, practical exercises, user manuals and other supporting materials. Moreover, lectures that detail, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of FileControl solutions on your infrastructure are also delivered to system administrators - to reduce and eliminate potential maintenance issues.

We have customized packages to address your business specific requirements and concerns. You can pick a package for on-site training sessions, depending on your organization’s training specific needs. For further details, call us at our toll free number 888-463-4643 or send an email to

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