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FileControl solutions are the most practical and effective approach to document review, production and long-term litigation document management, for small or large and physically dispersed litigation teams. Our products offer complete and secure access to your legal documents, electronic evidence as well as transcripts. As internal documentation levels grow exponentially over time, managing a litigation process can become an overwhelming burden.

Whether you are involved in litigation requiring case document access for a very large set of people such as class actions, multi-party or joint defense group; or you require access to your case documents from geographically separate locations, FileControl is the right answer for you.

FileControl solutions have been tested with over 2 billion records and 30 thousand users. They can handle legal cases with small to extensive document trails. FileControl solutions use a patent-pending Microsoft Message Queuing technology for secure document transfer over the Internet, so it considerably cuts down network traffic.

Business Benefits

  • A one-step, fast, easy-to-use solution for managing litigation matters involving small or large data collections.
  • The combination of powerful searches simplifies and expedites case document access and retrieval.
  • A secure web-based calendar allows the users to keep case schedules, task lists, and automated date-reminder information, search designated fields, and manage an address book – all in one location.
  • Provides leverage to our highly experienced litigation support experts throughout the process in areas including data collection strategies, site setup and review workflow.
  • Minimal startup cost with no investment of hardware or IT infrastructure.

Global Clientele Reach

FileControl's online deal room provides a greater opportunity to attract professionals from all over the world who are otherwise dispersed, by making them aware of their needs and expectations. This, in turn, guarantees more success in terms of increased revenues.

Centralized Information

With FileControl's online deal room, you can centrally manage and collaborate on all aspects of information you need to share among different people.

Information Control

FileControl ensures secure sharing of information between multiple users while preserving the integrity, consistency and confidentiality of data. It also helps in implementing standard data access and sharing principles, thereby controlling access of multiple documents by various users.


Compared to any other competitive solution, FileControl is exceptionally easy to use. This simplifies the implementation of the solution and eliminates the need for training of both the employees and the clients, and eventually sets FileControl apart from the competition.

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