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The FileControl team works dynamically to deliver fresh, suitable, and cost effective solutions for small businesses to solve their paper based environment problems. Knowledge and Litigation Management System is a scalable web based Document Management System. It is affordable because you can buy the features you need at the moment, and append more as your business grows.

Document Search and Discovery

  • A combination of powerful search criteria such as word, index, tag, production set, Bates numbering and Boolean searches make document access and management easy to handle.
  • Custom query builder-functionality provided in Power Search enhances the discovery process.
  • Previous discoveries / searches can be saved automatically and are readily available to the user whenever required (Saved Searches).
  • Searches can be performed within another discovery process (Search within results).
  • Documents identified during a discovery process or search can be printed, moved or copied individually or collectively (Batch Print, Move and Copy of Search Results).
  • Multiple or singular documents identified during search / discovery can be selected, and relative index information updated collectively.
  • Documents identified during a discovery process can be linked to customized tags to relate similar documents.
  • The system is capable of performing searches on a very large volume of data, and has been tested for 50 million records and 20 thousand users.

Organization (Extensive File Folder Configuration)

  • The searchable file folders are used to access, organize and gather documents from one or more collections.
  • Folders can be used to easily gather or group a selection of documents to share with another user, or for easy retrieval.
  • Knowledge and Litigation Management System offers folder-level permissions for folder-level security and control.
  • Folder descriptions enable quick folder reference.
  • Customizable templates can be defined at the folder level for a well-organized discovery process. These templates can also be shared among multiple folders and locked so that the user cannot change information in the predefined templates.
  • Customizable index fields can be defined at the folder level for an efficient filing and discovery process. These index fields can be copied to create a new folder with similar field information.

Complete System Back-Up

FileControl is hosted at a Department of Justice compliant datacenter. It is a highly capable, robust system that withstands hardware failure easily and performs daily backups.

Shorter Implementation Cycles

Knowledge and Litigation Management System can be implemented almost immediately. In contrast to EDM & DMS, there is no need for organizational restructuring or a redirection of established workflow. Also, our product operates in a thin client environment, which makes it very easy to deploy in small organizations.

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